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Garment League will host Phoenix fashion event

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The Garment League (TGL) and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton will partner to showcase Phoenix’s most talented fashion designers, artists and trendsetters at On Central – Phoenix Fashion & Art Weekend (PHXFAW) held on February 23 – 25, 2018.

This one-of-a-kind experience is destined to become one of the premier cultural events in the western region. This true multimedia event presents endless opportunities to explore captivating collections from nationally renowned and local designers on the runway, on-site art and photography exhibits, live musical performances, forums, pop up shops, state-of-the art “chill” lounge and much more. On Central will be located at the fabulous, CityScape downtown district complex, with upscale shopping, dining and entertainment, where life pulses around every corner. The CityScape backdrop is courtesy of the generous support from Red Development. According to Red, “CityScape is the central hub of downtown Phoenix — the place where people come together for community events and celebrations of all kinds”.

In partnership with Mayor Greg Stanton, On Central will provide the perfect blend of high-end luxury, art and fashion combined with showcasing relevant and affordable brands to sophisticated and savvy consumers. The Phoenix, AZ market is filled with individuals seeking incredible creations by local artists and designers that speak to their chic lifestyles, and demonstrated in the way they experience life, business, community and the arts.

The Garment League’s Board President and CEO Tricee Thomas’ concept is something all Phoenicians should be proud of – as the city is undergoing a renaissance at the intersection of art, design, food, fashion and entertainment – On Central was a natural fit. Together with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, charity partner Amanda’s Hope and visionary supporters, the organization is excited to create an experience that celebrates the city’s vital community.Read more at:elegant evening dresses

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