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Women Like Us in Kyogle

WOMEN LIKE US: Comedians Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs hit the stage in Kyogle next month. (Photo:womens formal dresses )

COMEDIANS Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs bring their hit show Women Like Us to Kyogle this weekend.

They are both mothers, middle aged country girls. And, they're from Mullumbimby.

With more than 40 sold- out shows to their credit, the artists have performed to packed houses from Brisbane's Sit Down Comedy Club to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Perth Festival.

Mandy Nolan said they had also taken their comedy stylings to halls, pubs, clubs and theatres in the country.

"No town is too small for us,” she said.

Women Like Us is a two-hour stand up comedy show.

A couple of years ago, the friends decided they should hit the road after comparing notes about how at their stand-up shows women in particular just couldn't get enough.

They eventually reached the conclusion it was because those women often didn't see their lives or their experiences reflected on the stage.

The comedians in the spotlight tended to be men and they tended to talk about bloke stuff.

So when Ellen and Mandy talked about housework, chickens, love, big undies, disappointment, resentment, sex when you're drunk, fit bits, yoga farts and being a menopausal woman dealing with teenage angst, everything just fell into place.

When deciding on a show title, Women Like Us just turned up, Mandy said.

"Our audiences love our shows because our lives are like theirs,” she said.

"We're not rarefied trophy wives.

"We're capable, overworked, overwhelmed and totally over it women. And because of sharing stories like that...women like us.”

These are untold laugh- out-loud women's stories, smack bang centre stage.

Small town showgirls, there are few sacred cows Mandy and Ellen shy away from milking.

With seven children and 35 years stage time between them, their "failure to parent” is the focus of their material, along with the beauty industry, getting older, getting fatter, strange surgeries, weird TV shows, obsessions, frustrations, and at the end of the day, who unpacks the dishwasher.

One of the most popular comedians in the area, Mandy writes regularly for Mamamia.

Ellen is a national Finalist for RAW comedy and winner of Foxtel Comedy Channel's Be A Comedian.Read more at:red cocktail dress

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