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Rita Ora’s secret fashion collection

LOS ANGELES-Rita Ora reveals she has been working ‘secretly’ on a new merchandise line ahead of her upcoming tour.

Rita Ora is launching a brand new range of merchandise.

The 27-year-old singer is about to embark on a new tour and has revealed that she has been working on a ‘’secret’’ collection exclusively for her fans which they can but when they come and see her perform. Speaking about her creation, she said: ‘’I have been working secretly on this for a while with my team. I am so passionate about fashion so it’s such a pleasure and honour for me to be able to express that through my very own collection. It is meant to inspire you to be your best self, your own hero!’’ The clothing and accessories collection will be called ‘ROARA REPUBLIC’- a play on her own name - and will feature crewneck sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts and hats in a range of gender neutral designs that will be available to buy on her website from March 3. The ‘Anywhere’ singer was inspired by her London roots and incorporated the city’s rich and diverse legacy as well as 90s street aesthetic for her nostalgic clothing range designs. Rita is not new to the fashion market, having previously spent three years designing for athleisure brand Adidas Originals, where she came up with 15 collections that were worn by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Beyonce. After a performance of her latest ‘Fifty shades’ single ‘For you’ at the Brit’s, the singer jetted off to Milan Fashion Week where she walked the red carpet at the Prada show.

She took to her Instagram story to post images of her pre-show beauty regime which took place on the beauty’s private jet. She said: ‘’Doing eye liner on the place isn’t easy! See you soon at prada.’’

In one picture, the star was seen lounging in her underwear as a team of make-up artists and stylists rallied around to help her get glammed and she captioned it: ‘’Glam on a plane straight to a fashion show.”Read more | short formal dresses australia

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