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Vic Fashion Festival line-up unveiled

She's one of the 1990's original supermodels and has partnered with a major sponsor of Melbourne Fashion Festival, but will Helena Christensen actually be attending the country's largest fashion event?

Unveiling the festival's program on Thursday, CEO Graeme Lewsey told reporters Ms Christensen was attending, noting a Herald Sun story that claimed the 49-year-old will be a guest of honour in 2018.

"(Herald Sun) has already reported Helena is coming," he said.

But the festival's PR team later denied Ms Christensen was coming, saying her only link to the program was an eyewear company she promotes which will be selling sunglasses at the event.

If she does come, it wouldn't be her first time at the festival, having wowed crowds in 2011 and 1997.

French fashion house Hermes will host a free exhibit, flying in artisans to speak about how their famous bags and accessories take shape - including the famous birkin bag which takes about 48 hours to create and has a year-long waiting list.

Now in its 22nd year, the three-week festival will be a fashion devotee's paradise, with more than 100 designers showing at 50 runway shows.

It will also boast 15 independent off-site catwalks, menswear and a bridal showcase.

Australian designers Alice McCall, Camilla and Marc, Carla Zampatti, Dion Lee, Rachel Gilbert and Scanalan Theodore will show off their latest collections, alongside international designers Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent.

And unlike Sydney's fashion week, the clothes seen on the runway aren't six months from hitting stores - they're available to buy immediately through an interactive on-site shopping option.

Away from the catwalk, the festival offers a range of cultural experiences including a film festival, workshops, talks and art exhibitions.Read more at:formal dresses canberra | cheap formal dresses

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