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Emiratis shine at Paris Fashion Week

Summers are fast approaching and it is rattling the fashionistas looking for latest fashion trends for summer months.

Some summer fashion trends can be seen continuing from the yesteryear such as pleated pants and crop tops.

However, here is an insight on latest tips on summer trends of 2018 by Ashima Sharma, a fashion designer and founder of Ashima S Couture.

The ever-stylish cold shoulders give a variety of styling options, they can be worn as a top, a shirt dress, evening party maxi dresses and can be paired with almost anything due to their mass appeal & growing popularity.

The asymmetrical & high-low trend also makes a great summer option with plain vibrant colours. This silhouette has gained much popularity in recent years and can be worn as plain dresses and tops.

Most recent addition to the asymmetrical kitty is the shirts which are being made with an asymmetrical or high low silhouette.

Culottes are the latest addition to Palazzo style which also makes them the newest trend that’s been catching on with the youth. Culottes are a great summer option in 2018 for the formal pant lovers and also the casual street style fashionistas – they can be worn as formal culottes as well as culottes shorts.

Off Shoulder is a trend to stay and is definitely a great summer option for 2018. Unlike the cold-shoulder, the off-shoulder can be styled with evening wear, being similar in style.

The off-shoulder can be worn with any kind of short/long dresses and tops and can be paired with anything. This style has also gained much popularity among the youth which makes it a great summer option this season.

Bell bottoms were a trend from the 80’s which has recently made a comeback in the west & has started to catch on as a trend again in India as well. The bell bottoms make a stylish retro summer option for fashionistas this season.

Summer shrugs are the eternal summer favourites of most fashionistas as they can be worn with almost anything – be it skirts, shorts or jeans. Hence they are trending in 2018 as well as they make a great summer option.Read more at:formal dresses perth | cheap formal dresses

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