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In a country like Luxembourg, where chic, dark, branded and sophisticated are the most common accoutrements, standing out has become difficult, especially with the “fast fashion” industry at play. Shops like H&M, Zara and Pimkie offer affordable and frequently renewed trends, accessible to anyone. But some individuals, like the ones Delano met, manage to develop their own style--from vintage, to smart and elegant, to casual chic.

Who could be more suitable to explain what fashion is than travel and fashion blogger and freelance photographer Anna Katina, who has amassed almost 9,500 Instagram followers in four years? Often associated with a casual chic look, feminine with a touch of masculinity, Anna knows how to combine trends and personal style.

For her, fashion is about a mix of trends and personal style. “Creators present their brand and every fast fashion shop creates clothing inspired by these brands,” she explains. But when she is not shooting with sponsored clothes, Anna prefers discovering local shops from all around the world; unique pieces that she cannot find in Luxembourg.

Another important factor that makes fashion, according to Anna, is quality. Because nowadays, people are more demanding. “The textile is very important. It’s not the brand that motivates me in my choice.” Reproachful of a “not daring enough trend” in Luxembourg, Anna is not afraid to reveal her personality by playing with patterns, sizes and colours to bring out her young and contemporary side.

Being distinguishable

“I like wearing something that reflects my daily mood. It can be very chic to very trash,” says co-founder of the communication and advertising agency Plan K, Kristof Della Siega.

He has what could be called a vintage style; retro and antique. Between kitsch blazer, vest, jeans, Cognac shoes with menswear-inspired brogue and extravagant beard and moustache, Kristof does not go unnoticed in Luxembourg.

Not into fashion and brands but certainly trendy, he knows how to cultivate his own personal style. “I feel comfortable. I like playing with different pieces that are not necessarily trendy.” Yet, he is not only unique in his style, but also in his confidence and approach to fashion, coupled with a great sense of humour. “I got this problem that people easily recognise me, but I can’t remember them,” he says. Kristof’s approach to fashion is simple, buying on a whim and “being distinguishable”.

Revenge on life

For Diane Tea, marketing and mergers director and technology investor, fashion is more than clothing items, it is “a revenge on life”. As a young political refugee, she followed her family to the other end of the world where “clothing wasn’t even part of the basic needs”.

Since then, she has expressed her identity, mindset, mood and creativity through colours and designs. “I inspire. I know I inspire women to take care of their look, to take care of themselves and be more confident,” she explains.

The dress fanatic reflects a smart and elegant style but “behind the scenes”, as she says, her fashion choices are simpler and more practical with few accessories and pieces. Unable to find clothes matching her body type, she became adept at online shopping on sites such as Zalando where she can find “nice clothes, nice design, great quality and very affordable” fashion. Above all, Diane is an advocate of ecology, sustainability and children’s education in developing countries, and that is reflected in her clothing choice.

“I would feel really bad spending fortunes on clothing just for myself.” Willing to invest in her beliefs, Diane aims for a more sustainable world where organic cotton predominates.

Three people, three styles and still the same question raised: what makes fashion? Fashion is everything, fashion is an industry, “a combination of a lot of things” as Diane says. But above all, fashion seems to be a projection of who we are.Read more |

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